Sunday, May 4, 2008

Permablitz hits town

We just farwelled the last of our Permablitz helpers from our property.

Since early this morning a team of locals has been weeding, chopping, cutting, preparing, mulching and generally helping us get ahead of the game in the garden.

Our relocalisation group has regular working bees at member's houses helping each other get ready for the future by becoming more self-sufficient with our food supplies.

It's been great. Rather than everyone trying to do it all by themselves, a day with 10-15 people all chipping in and working hard makes a big difference.

This collective idea of relocalisation is taking a lovely form here in our town. We have the working bees, soon we'll have a seed saving co-operative and other ideas are beginning to come to fruition.

Now if someone is ordering mulch, they will take the time to phone around and see if anyone else wants some too. That way, we all get the benefits of reduced costs and it sparks everyone into action.

Other co-operative ideas we have going is a bulk buying scheme where one of our members who is a caterer orders extra dried goods, oils, honey, flour etc and we can all take our empty containers to her place for a re-fill.

Other ideas I hope to see one day here are things like bulk-buying - co-operative machinery purchases. Say we all buy one thing, but share it around.

I'd also like to see a community dairy and or goat herd here too.

I'm pretty exhausted after our big Permablitz day and I have an appointment with the lounge! We now have a huge pile of chopped up arrowroot we have to add to the compost heaps tomorrow and I need my rest.

Be wise, Relocalise!


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