Monday, October 20, 2008

Things are hotting up

Things are certainly changing in the world. The predicted economic crisis is now evident, climate change continues to be a major environment symptom of our fossil fuel use and has peak oil hit?

People are tightening their belts, diposal income is becoming a thing of the past, some people have already lost their jobs - laid off because of the rapidly changing economic situation.

Now, more than ever, we need to prepare - our homes, our backyards, our families and our communities. We also need to rapidly empower ourselves with the skills and knowledge to be secure and safe with our water and food supplies and household security - by this I mean looking after ourselves, being responsible for what we consume (food, energy, water), producing as much as we can ourselves (solar, water tanks, food), being self-reliant, not dependant consumers.

I've just finished co-teaching a Permaculture Design Course and there were a number of people there because of these issues. More courses are planned for January and next May.

Things are changing, lets make sure it changes for the better. Building community is so important now. Many people will be feeling disconnected and that isn't good. Starting a relocalisation group, talking to your neighbours, sharing food, resources etc.

Let's take some control of the future and plan now for what is really important and how you can contribute in your community.


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