Thursday, June 5, 2008

...and then the grubs came out!

A couple of days of heavy rain meant we couldn't get out in the garden as much as we usually do. We couldn't do our grub patrol - which consists of getting all the green fat juicy grubs off the brassicas, taking them over to the chook pens and saying "grubs up!" - and the chook then turn those little grubs into yummy yellow yoked eggs for us.

My back is also playing up which means bending is pretty painful and pretty much out of the question.

So the brassicas are looking a little chewed and sad. But they are only eating the leaves, so for plants like broccoli that doesn't bother us as much. We have had this problem before and with some vigilant grub patrols, (nice weather), and a weekly feed of Natrakelp, the plants come through and produce lovely broccoli heads for us.

The cabbages are a little harder to manage, but we accept that we will get the odd grub or two in our cabbage - we just check it carefully before we eat it!

Some people would turn their noses up at a grub in their dinner or crawling over their food, but I think they are great. They tell me the food is clean, safe and healthy. It's supporting life and things are LIVING on it. Some people want sterile lifeless food that looks perfect and shiny yet although it often tastes of nothing and is actually very poor quality, they don't complain, as long as it looks nice.

I've heard horror stories of supermarket spraying their 'fresh' produce displays with fly spray after the shops close to keep the cockroaches off them. Imagine that - we are a species will happily accept that, yet we baulk at a living grub on our food.

I know what I'd rather have. Grubs up everyone!

Oh! PS - it's still overcast - seems installing a solar hot water system is a sure fire guarantee to cause cloud cover and rain! Still we haven't had to use the booster, so it is doing a good job in less than perfect conditions. Viva la solar!

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